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Integrated Magnetic Resonance Gas and Oil Analyser

Johns, M., May, E., St Pierre, T., Leong, Y., Boxall, J., Arns, C., Zhu, J., Grice, K., Wu, J. & Evans, B.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

The Role of Deregulated MicroRNA Expression in the Pathogenesis of Medulloblastoma

Dallas, P., Giles, K., Gottardo, N. & Carter, K.

Cancer Council Australia


Project: Research

Training-induced Recovery of Function after Neurotrauma.

Dunlop, S., Plant, G., Ruitenberg, M., Rodger, J. & Beazley, L.

Neurotrauma Research Program (NRP)


Project: Research

Fractionation of Jarrah Forest Topsoil

Jasper, D.

Sundry Grants


Project: Research

Towards a New Family of Molecular Sieves

Harrison, W.

ARC Small Grants


Project: Research

Contemporary Australian Literary Criticism: History and Critique

Bird, D. & Dixon, R.

Sundry Grants


Project: Research