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Equipment - Langmuir Film Balance Apparatus

Redgrave, T. & Mortimer, B.

NHMRC Project Grants


Project: Research

Equipment - Ultracentrifuge and Rotor

Beilin, L., Puddey, I., Watts, G. & Mamo, J.

NHMRC Project Grants


Project: Research

ER.100 Development of Biodiversity R&D

Lefroy, T.

Meat & Livestock Australia


Project: Research

eResearch Infrastructure for Humanities Scholars - Faciliating Literary & Narrative Studies Childrens & Popular Fictions & Film TV Studies

Haskell, D., Ikin, V., Mead, P., Fotheringham, R., Mallan, K., Webby, E., Douglas, K., Ommundsen, W., Eggert, P. & Arnold, J.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

Ernest Hodgkin Trust

Brearley, A.

Sundry Grants


Project: Research

Erosion Testing

Draper, S., Cheng, L. & Mohr, H.

Fugro AG


Project: Research

Establishing a UWA UQ Network for Collaboration in Autism Research

Maybery, M., Whitehouse, A., Anderson, M., Badcock, D., Badcock, J., Ravine, D., Wray, J., Rodger, S., Bellgrove, M., Claudianos, C., Mowry, B., Key, B., Markovitch, D., Peterson, C., Slaughter, V., Sofronoff, K., Ziviani, J. & Ham, H.

University of Western Australia


Project: Research