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Analysis of the Hematopoietic Function of Endophilin and MASH Proteins

Begley, C., Jane, S., Koentgen, F. & Schmidt, U.

NHMRC Project Grants


Project: Research

Analysis of two-phase effects in sloshing of liquids in marine tanks

Thiagarajan, K. & Monaghan, J.

ARC Discovery Projects


Project: Research

Analysis of Video Footage of Grouper Abundance

Harvey, E.

Sundry Grants


Project: Research

A National, Population-Based Epidemiological, Biospecimen and Bioinformatic Resource.

Palmer, L., Holman, D., Stanley, F., De Klerk, N., Zeps, N., Van Bockxmeer, F., Semmens, J. & Smith, M.

NHMRC Sundry Grants


Project: Research

A National Case-Control Study Of The Causes of Childhood Brain Tumours

Milne, E., Van Bockxmeer, F., Armstrong, B., Scott, R., Ashley, D. & Fritschi, R. 0.

NHMRC Project Grants


Project: Research

A National Facility for In Situ Testing of Soft Soils

Randolph, M., Cassidy, M., White, D., Stanier, S., O'Loughlin, C., Sloan, S., Carter, J., Sheng, D., Indraratna, B. & Khalili, N.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

Anatomical Proxies for Cognitive Abilities in Vertebrates

Collin, S., Yopak, K., Fuller, K., Iwaniuk, A. & Wylie, D.

The University of Western Australia


Project: Research

An Australian mutli-state partnership to prevent preterm birth

Newnham, J., Doherty, D., Morris, J., Ford, J., Oats, J., Cheong, J., Nicholl, M. & Wallace, E.

National Health & Medical Research Council NHMRC


Project: Research