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Improving social and economic outcomes for children of incarcerated mothers

Preen, D., Segal, L., Kinner, S., Dawe, S., Spittal, M. & Dennison, S.

Australian Research Council


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Disinvestment in low value healthcare following a diagnosis of undifferentiated chest pain

Briffa, T., Sanfilippo, F., Li, I., Hillis, G., Stobie, P., Schultz, C., Yong, J. & Rankin, J.

HCF Research Foundation


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Against the odds: Understanding the factors influencing wellbeing among Indigenous youth in the Northern Territory

Dudgeon, P., Schurer, S., Cameron, L., Guthridge, S., Havnen, O. & Hirvonen, T.

University of Sydney


Project: Research

Ancestors' words: Noongar writing in WA government archives (1860-1960s)

Shiosaki, E., Haebich, A., Shellam, T. & Kraly, E.


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High Throughput NMR Facility

Koutsantonis, G., Kilburn, M., Swaminatha Iyer, K., Low, P., Grierson, P., Broadhurst, D., Massi, M. & Ogden, M.

Curtin University of Technology


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Translating Genetic Determinants of Glaucoma into Better Diagnosis and Treatment

Mackey, D., Craig, J., Hewitt, A. & MacGregor, S.

Flinders University


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