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DP0557093 - QEII Fellowship - Hartnett - New High Precision Tests on the Standard Model of Physics and Relativity.

Tobar, M., Hartnett, J., Locke, C., Salomon, C., Clairon, A., Fisk, P. & Guillon, P.

ARC Discovery Projects


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Precision Guided Weapons Study

Savkin, A.

Defence Science and Technology Group


Project: Research

Multiscale Dynamics of Ore Body Formation

McCuaig, C., Gessner, K., Hobbs, B., Ord, A., Gorczyk, W., Liu, J., Cawood, P., Gerya, T. & Lester, D.

Australian Research Council


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Tokyo Bay - Setting up ARMS

Dallimore, C. & Goodyear, L.

Neumatic Incorporated


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Unmet student demand for vocational education and training (VET)

McLure, M., Giles, M. & Dockery, A.

Sundry Grants


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The Role of HLH Genes in Hemopoietic Development

Begley, C., Cook, W. & Van Eekelen, A.

NHMRC Project Grants


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