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Flow cytometer/cell sorter

Shellam, G., Thompson, P., Robinson, B. & Stewart, G.

NHMRC Equipment Grants


Project: Research

Intercommunication and analysis of biomedical data and databases

Chelvanayagam, G., Holman, D., Thompson, P., Begley, G. & Day, D.

NHMRC Equipment Grants


Project: Research

Development of Western Australian Road Injury/Crash Surveillance System

Ryan, G. & Rosman, D.

Sundry Grants


Project: Research

Nonconvex and Discrete Optimization on Graphs

Yang, X. & Goh, C.

ARC Small Grants


Project: Research

Ripping plant plastid DNA replication in two

Mylne, J., Stubbs, K. & Maxwell, T.

Bayer AG


Project: Research

Wave run-up on vertical columns of an offshore structure

Thiagarajan, K. & Lie, H.

Sundry Grants


Project: Research

Australian Dark Matter Detector for High Mass Axions

Tobar, M., Goryachev, M., Ivanov, E., Fedorov, A., Bowen, W., Drinkwater, M., Volz, T. & Brennan, G.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research