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Light cycler for PCR quantitation

Yeoh, G., Beazley, L., Harvey, A., Abraham, L. & Dharmarajan, D.

NHMRC Equipment Grants


Project: Research

Soil Investigation BRDA Sands

Fourie, A. & Bhattarai, B.

BHP Billiton Group


Project: Research

H- Maser Cavity Consultancy

Hartnett, J., Tobar, M. & Ivanov, E.

Sundry Grants


Project: Research

Centre of Excellence in Computational Systems Biology

Small, I., Millar, H., Smith, S., Whelan, J. & Baer, B.

WA Centres of Excellence


Project: Research

Tokyo Bay - Setting up ARMS

Dallimore, C. & Goodyear, L.

Neumatic Incorporated


Project: Research