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ICED (Immediate Cooling and Emergency Decompression): Involving WA in an Australia-Wide Clinical Trial for Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury

Dunlop, S., Batchelor, P., Woodland, P., Dillon, D., Rao, S., Ker, J., Buchanan, J., Allison, G., Middleton, J., Freeman, B. & Watts, A.

Neurotrauma Research Program (NRP)


Project: Research

Studying the Impact of Pulsed Magnetic Fields on Neural Tissue

Rodger, J., Dunlop, S., Sherrard, R., Farrow, L. & Goh, C. J.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

Autonomous Benthic Observing System

Kendrick, G., Williams, S., Pizarro, O., Babcock, R., Heyward, A., Jordan, A. & Barrett, N.

Australian Research Council

Project: Research

Fellowship - NHMRC Research Fellowship

Thomas, W.

NHMRC Research Fellowships


Project: Research

Externally Led WUN - Migration, Development and Global Transformations (MDGT)

Baldassar, L., Singleton, A., Park, H., Sicakkan, H., Khan, F., Witteborn, S., Alberti, G., de Groot, R., Geddes, A., Piper, N. & Lin, K.

Worldwide Universities Network


Project: Research

Ageing and New Media

Baldassar, L., Etherton-Beer, C., Esmond, J., Elfving-Hwang, J., Wilding, R., Manchester, H., Vassilev, I., Bacigalupe, G., Du Toit, S., Kilkey, M., Dong, H., Schweppe, C., Boccagni, P., Kalavar, J., Thang, L. & Ho, E.

University of Western Australia


Project: Research

Modelling Stock Market Liquidity in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region

Allen, D. & McAleer, M.

Sundry Grants


Project: Research

A Core Western Australian Cell Sorting Facility - Ultra-Small Objects and Rare Cell Populations

Sampson, D., Croser, J., Degli-Esposti, M., Dunlop, S., Harvey, A., Fuller, K., Kahler, C., Klinken, P., Leedman, P., Marshall, B., Millar, H., Murch, A., Rigby, P., Stewart, G., Waite, A., Whelan, J., Yeoh, G., Hampson, D., James, C., Phillips, J., Ryan, U., Stumbles, P., Thompson, R., Ziman, M. & Wilcox, G.

PathWest Laboratory Medicine WA


Project: Research

In-Vivo Multispectral and X-ray MciroCT Imaging - Founding a Western Australian Small Animal Imaging Core Facility

Sampson, D., Clode, P., Constable, I., Degli-Esposti, M., Dunlop, S., Klinken, P., Laing, N., Leedman, P., Marshall, B., McMenamin, P., Murphy, D., Rigby, P., St Pierre, T., Trinajstic, K., Wacey, D., Waring, P., Yeoh, G., Zheng, M., Mamo, J., Kees, U., Collin, S., Phillips, J., Sharman, M., Stumbles, P., Watson, C., Ziman, M., Price, R. & Gottardo, N.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research