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Returning Western Australian Characterisation Capabilities to the Cutting Edge - High Resolution Analytical Transmission Electron Microscopy

Sampson, D., Faraone, L., Liu, Y., Saunders, M., Rad, M., Buckley, C., Chaudhary, D., Rasmussen, B., van Riessen, A., Minakshi, M., Yin, C., Anand, R., Hough, R. & Xie, Z.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

The Quantification of Hydrothermal Mineralising Systems

Ord, A., Hobbs, B. & Kruhl, J.

Universities Australia


Project: Research

UWA00092 - Lupin Germplasm Characterisation

Shan, F. & Buirchell, B.

Grains Research & Development Corporation


Project: Research

Advancing single-cell analysis and isolation in Western Australia

Lister, R., Collin, S., Forrest, A., Holme, A., Small, I., Berndt, M., Gray, E., Gummer, J. & Maker, G.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

Asbestos Epidemiology

Musk, A., Franklin, P., Reid, A. & Aboagye-Sarfo, P.

WesTrac Pty Ltd


Project: Research

Cutting-edge electron probe microanalysis driving WA’s resource geosciences

Kilburn, M., Fiorentini, M., Kemp, A., Martyniuk, M., Fitzsimons, I., Putnis, A., Reddy, S., Barnes, S., Johnson, S. & Smithies, R.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

Computationally Intensive Stochastic Geometry

Baddeley, A.

ARC Early grants


Project: Research