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Evolutionary Design for Ore Processing Plants

While, R., Barone, L. & Hingston, P.

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Australian Social Science Data Archive: Provision of Advanced Research Infrastructure and Collaborative Environment

Denemark, D., Burrows, T., Mitchell, D., Evans, B., Western, M., McCarthy, G., Nakata, N., Mazerolle, L., Byrne, J., Wiseman, J., Crozier, M., Kenyon, A., McLeod, J., Ferguson, C., Boreham, P., Cheshire, L., Denning, R., Behrendt, L., Jakubowicz, A., McDonald, P., McAllister, I., Gray, E., Smith, L., Hungerford, S. & Holloway, S.

Australian Research Council


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The East Perth Neuropsychology Clinic

Dyer, K.

Sundry Grants


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Juvenile actuarial risk assessment model

Maller, M.

Sundry Grants


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New mediators of clinical lung maturation

Newnham, J., Polglase, G. & Nitsos, I.

National Institutes of Health


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