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Travel Grant for Overseas Conference

Tirnitz-Parker, N.

Cancer Council of Western Australia


Project: Research

MALDI Imaging and Protein Analysis Facility of WA

Millar, H., Smith, S., Raston, C., Martins, R., Simmons, L., Olynyk, J., Stewart, T., Leedman, P., Beazley, L., Whelan, J., Attwood, P., Vrielink, A., Bond, C., Dunlop, S., Bakker, T., Arthur, P., Yeoh, G., Heazlewood, J., Baer, B., Eubel, H., Taylor, N., Besant, P., Swaminatha Iyer, K., Finnegan, P., Ludwig, M. & Verdile, G.

ARC Linkage Infrastructure Equipment Facilities


Project: Research

A novel non-invasive method to monitor water status of crop plants

Siddique, K., Bramley, H. & Zimmermann, U.

Universities Australia


Project: Research

Raman Spectroscopy for the Advanced Production and Processing of Australia's Gas, Oil, Coal and Minerals

May, E., Johns, M., Luiten, A., Marsh, K., Boxall, J., Hefter, G., Wanless, E., Lou, X., Burke, N., Diniz da Costa, J., Hall, K., May, P., Stockenhuber, M., Radny, M., Webber, G., Stace, T., Smart, S., Maeda, N., Seo, Y., Kozielski, K., Jaraula, C., Phan, C. & Trengove, R.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

ICRAR-LSST Collaboration

Quinn, P.

LSST Corporation


Project: Research

PSBD Sterilizer (NHMRC Equipment Grant)

Holt, P., Thomas, W., Sly, P. & McMinn, P.

NHMRC Equipment Grants


Project: Research

'Safeguarding Australia' in Re-Ordered Regions: Norm Diffusion and Network Governance

Stone, D., Percy, S., Douglas, E., Dunne, T., Teitt, S. & Orchard, P.

University of Western Australia


Project: Research