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Functional Trait Approach to Restoration of Species Rich Shrublands

Mucina, L., Veneklaas, E., Renton, M., Laliberte, E., Price, C., Dobrowolski, M., Chandler, J., Bartha, S. & Laughlin, D.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

Testing gravity with optomechanics

Goryachev, M., Danilishin, S. & Vanner, M.

University of Queensland


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A Multidisciplinary Study of the Karoo Basin: Chronology of a mass Extinction, Configuration of a Suercontinent

Tohver, E., Cawood, P., Batt, G., Jourdan, F., Zwingmann, H., Evans, N., McInnes, B. & Vermeulen, J.

Australian Research Council


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The Impact of Exercise on Growth Hormone Deficient Adolescent & Young Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer - a Pilot Study

Rath, N., Choong, C., Langridge, A., Naylor, L., Cole, C., Gottardo, N., Miles, G. & Martino, B.

Perth Children’s Hospital


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