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Predicting strength of porous materials: A microstructure-based approach

Sercombe, T., Hu, X., Roberts, A., Challis, V. & Grotowski, J.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

Brief Intervention – Physical Activity Peripheral Arterial Disease

Norman, P., Golledge, J., Leicht, A., Burton, N., Walker, P., Singh, M. & Ademi, Z.

National Health & Medical Research Council NHMRC


Project: Research

Legumes for Sustainable Agriculture

Colmer, T., Day, D., Kaiser, B., Trethowan, R., Mathesius, U., Denton, M., Adams, M. & Barbour, M.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

Wandoo Crown Decline - An Ecophysiological Diagnosis

Lambers, H., Dixon, K., Veneklass, E. & Mcgrath, J.

ARC Linkage Projects


Project: Research

The Quantification of Hydrothermal Mineralising Systems

Ord, A., Hobbs, B. & Kruhl, J.

Universities Australia


Project: Research

Network for Early European Research

Scott, A., Sharpe, P., Broomhall, S., Burrows, T., Crawford, P., Haskell, Y., Lynch, A., Maddern, P., Tunley, D., White, R., Wortham, C., Scott, J., Barnes, G., Broad, J., Davis, L., Eckstein, N., Ferber, D., Fitzmaurice, A., Freeman, E., Fulton, H., Gaukroger, S., Gillett, A., Kent, F., Kolsky, S., Lemmings, D., Manion, M., Mews, C., Newbigin, N., Ruys, J., Sankey, M., Sherlock, P., Trigg, S., Ward, J., Warner, L., Zika, C., Griffiths, J., Prest, W., Clunies Ross, M., Curry, R., Condren, C., Holbrook, P., Muir, B., Cassidy Welch, M., Green, K., D'Arcens, L., Stockigt, J., Walker, C., Yeo, R., Hall, D. & Bennett, M.

ARC Research Networks Program


Project: Research