UWA Guild Student Choice Award

Prize: Award


Dr Stephan Lund has been an incredible source of support and has managed to make the transfer to online learning seamless and rewarding. He organized bonus discussion groups on Collaborate and requests feedback on every lesson to improve his approach. Stephan is very deserving of this award and I hope to be in one of his classes again.

Stephan has gone above and beyond to make sure the students in the course have adjusted well to online learning. He has provided much needed light hearted moments to lectures in the hopes to brighten our days, such as telling jokes or even playing us some songs on the ukulele. Stephan is always there to give feedback on our drafts and engage us in topical discussions (he ran an extra meeting each week where students suggested topics for discussion). Stephan is compassionate and understanding, supportive and enthusiastic. He has made this (really difficult) semester a pleasure and brightened up our lives.
A highlight of the semester is the times he took our song and joke requests and learned them with great enthusiasm.
He was the main staff member to organise the Social Work Student Association (which is far beyond his required role). He helps us with all sorts of matters and is always there with advice. He has made us all very excited to become social workers.
Degree of recognitionRegional
Granting OrganisationsUWA Student Guild