Teaching Excellence Award - University of Auckland New Zealand (porfolio 3 years)



Ceremonial citation written by a student at the time (2004-2009), Mr Sarosh Mulla, who took part in all of the three studio projects developed collaboratively by Drs Brand, Brown and Tenorio.

"These three teachers are receiving an award for their teaching in the architectural studio and, in particular in three projects: Alternative Living, Favela Edges and Ocean Studio. In the mid 1990's Dr Brand explored the potential of cross-cultural studio projects. She developed her teaching so that it drew upon the rich diversity of student's cultural backgrounds in relationship to their architectural projects. Drs Brown and Tenorio extended this approach by adding a cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural dimension.
All the studios were characterised by their acknowledgement of the cultural diversity in the student body as a particular strength. Drs Brand, Brown and Tenorio saw our differences as enriching and beneficial, and they provided a forum in which we could effectively increase our understanding of the Pacific world".

Dr Sarosh Mulla is now a staff member at the School of Architecture (University of Auckland) and was awarded himself a number of national design prizes and international recognition for his research and design practices.

"... In 2006, the Australasian National Visiting Panel, which accredits professional programmes in Architecture, identified their collaboration as exceptional..."
Degree of recognitionRegional
Granting OrganisationsUniversity of Auckland