Panos Englezos Prize



Panos Englezos Prize

To be awarded to individual(s) with an outstanding contribution to the field of haemoglobinopathies

The University of Nicosia Medical School and the Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF) jointly awards, on a biannual basis, the ‘Panos Englezos Prize’, to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution in:

the areas of public health relevant to haemoglobin disorders and/or
the improvement of medical and other care of patients with haemoglobin disorders and/or

the improvement of the quality of life of patients with haemoglobin disorders or other chronic/ genetic diseases and/or

has made a scientific/medical advancement in the prevention or management of any other disease that could be applied to a make a difference in the prevention and/or management or holistic care or cure of haemoglobin disorders.
Degree of recognitionInternational
OrganisationsThalassaemia International Federation


Inborn Genetic Diseases
Medical Schools
Patient Care
Chronic Disease
Public Health
Quality of Life