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The development of nanotechnology delivers materials with new properties and over recent years much effort has been made to incorporate nanoparticles (NPs) in concrete technology in order to enhance properties and produce concrete with improved performance. The durability and sustainability of concrete are becoming vitally important for the construction industry and, in this context, self-compacting concrete (SCC) has generated tremendous interest. SCC is a concrete that can be placed and compacted under its own weight with little or no vibration and without segregation or bleeding. It is used to facilitate and ensure proper filling and thus good structural performance of restricted areas and heavily reinforced structural members. It has gained increasing importance in recent years because of the advantages it offers. This paper presents an overview of previous studies on the effect of using NPs in SCC. Properties and methods concerning the use of NPs in SCC mixes, such as mixing procedure, mix proportion, heat of hydration, workability, setting time, mechanical strength and durability, are reviewed.