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2015 Best PhD Thesis Awards

Zhao, Wenhua (Recipient), 1 Jun 2015


Hall medal

Bamberg, John (Recipient), 2017


Shortlisted for the 2018 Patricia Grimshaw Award

Rhook, Nadia (Recipient), 2018

Prize: Other distinction


Erber, Wendy (Recipient), 2018


Undergraduate Education Teaching Award

Chang, Ee Pin (Recipient), Dec 2017

Prize: Award

ATSE Clunies Ross Award

Cantoni, Antonio (Recipient), 20 May 2009


Honorary Life Member

Kinder, John (Recipient), 2014

Prize: Honorary award

Certificate of Appreciation

Parizel, Paul (Recipient), 12 Jul 2012

Prize: Other distinction

Teaching Excellence nomination. ITAL1401

Caruso, Marinella (Recipient), 2014

Prize: Other distinction

UWA Guild student choice award

Fraschini, Nicola (Recipient), Jun 2018

Prize: Award

UWA Innovation Champion

McDonald, Jo (Recipient), 14 Jun 2017


Australian Government Centenary Medal

Cantoni, Antonio (Recipient), 1 Jun 2001

Prize: Award

Dean’s List

Mouat, Clare (Recipient), 2010

Prize: Award

NUST endowment fund scholarship

Ghori, Huda (Recipient), 2013

Prize: Postgraduate Scholarship

Ko Awatea Scholarship

Choi, Robyn (Recipient), 2009


Honorary Member

Parizel, Paul (Recipient), 15 Dec 2017

Prize: Honorary award

Scholarship Award

Parizel, Paul (Recipient), 1996

Prize: Award

Gold Medal

Wesseloo, Johan (Recipient), 2017

Prize: Honorary award

Best Conference Paper Award for Thought Leaders in Brand Management

Brush, Greg (Recipient), Rod Brodie (Recipient) & James Whittome (Recipient), 2007


Publication Award

Japutra, Arnold (Recipient), 2016

Prize: Other distinction