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Top reviewer award

Kragt, Marit (Recipient), 2017

Prize: Other distinction

Mike Carroll Travel Fellowship

Vila Aiub, Martin (Recipient), 1 Mar 2003

Prize: Fellowship

Curtin Postgraduate Scholarship

Marinelli, Melissa (Recipient), 2009

Prize: Postgraduate Scholarship

Excellence in Teaching Award

Dharmananda, Jacinta (Recipient), 21 Apr 2016

Prize: Award

The Marconi Premium

Cantoni, Antonio (Recipient), 14 Aug 1984


UWA Business School & BHP Billiton Distinguished Research Awards

Chatterjee, Ishita (Recipient), Chang, Simon (Recipient) & Li Yu (Recipient), 2017

Prize: Award

Vice Chancellors mid-level career research award 2016

Wood, Lisa (Recipient), Sep 2016

Prize: Honorary award

Westpac Future Leaders scholarship

Davies, Sabrina (Recipient), 2018

Prize: Postgraduate Scholarship

Best PhD Proposal Award

Liu, Frank (Recipient), 2011


UWA Fogarty Foundation Regional Scholarship

Douglas, Michael (Recipient), 2005

Prize: Other distinction

Certificate of Appreciation - YourTutor Service Launch

Ravi, Lucia (Recipient), Mar 2010

Prize: Other distinction

Excellence in Teaching Awards 2000

Sanfilippo, Frank (Shortlisted), Dec 2000

Prize: Award

Honorary Member

Parizel, Paul (Recipient), 9 Nov 2018

Prize: Honorary award

Mann Redmayne Medal

Sam Davies (Recipient), Groves, David (Recipient), Jonathan Standing (Recipient), Trench, Allan (Recipient), Dentith, Mike (Recipient) & John Sykes (Recipient), 2019


Best Reviewer's Certificate

Chua, Hui (Recipient), 29 Dec 2017

Prize: Award

The Paul Bertelson Award

Farrell, Simon (Recipient), 2009

Prize: Award

iPREP WA Scholarship

Sun, Xiao (Recipient), 2016


Best Paper Award Runner Up

Qiang Xu (Recipient), Xin Wang (Recipient), Jianxin Li (Recipient), Ying Gan (Recipient), Lele Chai (Recipient) & Junhu Wang (Recipient), 25 Jul 2018



PhD awarded Distinction - top 5%

Bell, Jason (Recipient), 2008

Prize: Award

Innovators' Award

Sanfilippo, Frank (Recipient), Apr 1994

Prize: Award

A.D. Hope Prize

Noske, Catherine (Recipient), 5 Jul 2013