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Jackson School of Geosciences Student Travel Grant

Kailah Thorn (Recipient), 2017

Prize: Postgraduate Scholarship

ATSE Clunies Ross Award

Tim St Pierre (Recipient), 2010

Prize: Award

iPREP WA Scholarship

Xiao Sun (Recipient), 2016


Churchill Fellowship

Caine Chennatt (Recipient), 2 Jan 0002

Prize: Other distinction

Paul Harris Award

Andrew Whitehouse (Recipient), 2015


The Royal Thai Government Scholarship for International Conference

Yutthapong Tongpob (Recipient), 16 Apr 2019

Prize: Postgraduate Scholarship

2019 School’s Research Travel awards

Victor Haruo Matsubara (Recipient), Bron Leong (Recipient), Marcus Leong (Recipient) & Zacharij Lawrence (Recipient), 4 Jul 2019

Prize: Award

Masters Scholarship

Victor Haruo Matsubara (Recipient), 1 Feb 2009

Prize: Postgraduate Scholarship

Ambassador for Epilepsy Award

John Dunne (Recipient), 22 Jun 2019

Prize: Honorary award


UWA Fay Gale Fellowship

Sarah Murray (Recipient), 2017

Prize: Other distinction

Austin Holmes Award.

Kenneth Clements (Recipient), 17 Sep 2018


Keynote Address, The Japan Academy of Family Business

Donella Caspersz (Recipient), 14 Sep 2019

Prize: Other distinction

Margot Prior Prize

Michael English (Recipient), 9 Dec 2016