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Endeavour fellowship

Kohan Pour, Fariba (Recipient), 2016

Prize: Fellowship

Sax Medal

Marley, Julia (Recipient), 2016


Student Choice award

Ghadouani, Anas (Recipient), 2019

Prize: Award

Next Steps Initiative (NSI) Award

Karton, Amir (Recipient), 2016

Prize: Award

Lifetime Achievement Award

Dudgeon, Patricia (Recipient), 2013

Prize: Award

UWA Nature/Science Award

Teste, Francois (Recipient), 2017

Prize: Award

RANZCO-Allergan Scholarship

Ng, Jonathon (Recipient), 2011

Prize: Postgraduate Scholarship

Fellow of The Institution of Engineers Australia

Chua, Hui (Recipient), 19 Sep 2018

Prize: Fellowship

Best Presentation Award

Liu, Frank (Recipient), 2017


Excellence in Teaching - Individual Teaching

Abbott, Paul (Recipient), 2004

Prize: Other distinction

Recommended professional indemnity lawyer

Lu, Andrew (Recipient), 2016

Prize: Other distinction

Best Paper Award

Zhao, Wenhua (Recipient), 1 Jun 2016


Medical Educator Fellowship

Fernandes, Lynette (Recipient), 2014

Prize: Fellowship