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Australian Postgraduate Awards

Kohan Pour, Fariba (Recipient), 2015

Prize: Postgraduate Scholarship

Best Demo Paper Award in the 26th International Conference on World Wide Web

Jianxin Li (Recipient), Chengfei Liu (Recipient), Lu Chen (Recipient), Zhenying He (Recipient), Datta, Amitava (Recipient) & Feng Xia (Recipient), 3 Apr 2017


The Best Student Research Paper Award in the 29th Australasian Database Conference

Md Musfique Anwar (Recipient), Jianxin Li (Recipient) & Chengfei Liu (Recipient), 24 May 2018


Third Prize in Alpha Innovation Contest 2018

Jianxin Li (Recipient), Nur Al Hasan Haldar (Recipient), Taotao Cai (Recipient), Ningning Cui (Recipient) & Xiangyu Song (Recipient), Aug 2018



Vice Chancellor's prize

Ingram, Caroline (Recipient), 19 Jun 2018


Review of Marketing and Agricultural Economics Best Paper Award

Brush, Greg (Recipient) & Michael Clemes (Recipient), 1995


Vice-Chancellor's Mid-Career Research Award

Mian, Ajmal (Recipient), 2014

Prize: Honorary award

Gledden Visiting Fellow

Jessell, Mark (Recipient), 1 Jul 2011

Prize: Fellowship

Fay Gale Fellowship

Eltaiba, Nada (Recipient), 2010

Prize: Fellowship

Australian Postgraduate Awards

Patel, Raj (Recipient), 1 Feb 2018

Prize: Other distinction

Nick Rock Memorial Prize

Giraud, Jeremie (Recipient), 11 Nov 2017


Robert Orton Medal

Schug, Stephan (Recipient), 2016

Prize: Honorary award