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International Research Fees Scholarship

Victorien Paumard (Recipient), 2014

Prize: Postgraduate Scholarship

Scholarship for International Research Fees (SIRF)

Mohamed Estai (Recipient), 2013

Prize: Postgraduate Scholarship

Best Paper in Corporate Finance Category

Chloe Ho (Recipient) & Jing Yu (Recipient), 2019


Kirkman medal

John Bamberg (Recipient), 2006


Early Career Teaching Award, UWA

Emily Brink (Recipient), 10 Apr 2018

Prize: Honorary award

Shortlisted for the 2018 Patricia Grimshaw Award

Nadia Rhook (Recipient), 2018

Prize: Other distinction

Teaching Excellence Award - University of Auckland New Zealand (porfolio 3 years)

Rosangela Tenorio (Recipient), Deidre Brown (Recipient) & Diane Brand (Recipient), 2006



Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellow

Ben Reilly (Recipient), 1 Sep 2010

Prize: Fellowship

Bruce Veitch Award

Jo McDonald (Recipient), 1 Dec 2018


Honorary Life Member

John Kinder (Recipient), 2014

Prize: Honorary award

UWA guild student's choice award

Nicola Fraschini (Recipient), Jun 2019

Prize: Award

Curl Essay prize

Katie Glaskin (Recipient), 2015


Stage One Winner

Jennie Officer (Recipient), 2017


National Library of Australia Fellows

Masafumi Monden (Recipient), 15 May 2017

Prize: Fellowship

Global Public Interest Design 100

Lara Pinho (Recipient), 2013

Prize: Honorary award

Fulbright Scholar with Amy Biehl Prize

Sven Ouzman (Recipient), 2002

Prize: Postgraduate Scholarship

Walter McRae Russell Award

Tanya Dalziell (Recipient), Jul 2005

Prize: Award