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Fellow, Association for Psychological Science

Badcock, Jo (Recipient), Jun 2018

Prize: Honorary award

USC Outstanding TA Economics

Bharati, Tushar (Recipient), 2014

Prize: Award

Certificate of Appreciation - YourTutor Service Launch

Ravi, Lucia (Recipient), Mar 2010

Prize: Other distinction

Dorothy Hill Medal

George, Annette (Recipient), 2002

Prize: Award

Lifetime Achievement Award

Walker, Roz (Recipient), 2016

Prize: Award

Third Prize: Integra Gold Rush Challenge

Buckingham, Amanda (Recipient) & Oliver Kreuzer (Recipient), 1 Mar 2016


Meister Memorial Award

Chen, Steph (Recipient), 2014


Robert Street Prize

Grafton, Ben (Recipient), 2014


Western Australian Fellowship

Jessell, Mark (Recipient), 1 Oct 2013

Prize: Fellowship

GSA Bruce Hobbs Medal

Jessell, Mark (Recipient), 1 Nov 2013


Society of Economic Geologists Brian J. Skinner Award

Steve Rowins (Recipient), Mao Mao (Recipient), Alexei Rukhlov (Recipient), Jody Spence (Recipient) & Laurence Coogan (Recipient), 31 Dec 2016

Prize: Award

UPA - University Postgraduate Award

Panton, Kirsten (Recipient), 2014

Prize: Postgraduate Scholarship

Panos Englezos Prize

St Pierre, Tim (Recipient), 2016


ATSE Clunies Ross Award

St Pierre, Tim (Recipient), 2010

Prize: Award

Inducted into the European Inventor Hall of Fame

Rackham, Oliver (Recipient), 2013

Prize: Other distinction

Prix Adrien Guebhard-Severine

Pirot, Guillaume (Recipient), 19 Nov 2015


Best Paper for Q2 2015 in Géotechnique Letters

Chow, Shiaohuey (Recipient), O'Loughlin, Conleth (Recipient), Riccardo Corti (Recipient), Gaudin, Christophe (Recipient) & Andrea Diambra (Recipient), 2015


Endeavour fellowship

Kohan Pour, Fariba (Recipient), 2016

Prize: Fellowship

PhD Scholarship

Caruso, Stefano (Recipient), 29 Apr 2015

Prize: Postgraduate Scholarship

Order of Australia

Lu, Andrew (Recipient), 2008

Prize: Other distinction

Preeminent medical negligence (defendant) lawyer

Lu, Andrew (Recipient), 2016

Prize: Other distinction

Best Paper Award Runner Up

Qiang Xu (Recipient), Xin Wang (Recipient), Jianxin Li (Recipient), Ying Gan (Recipient), Lele Chai (Recipient) & Junhu Wang (Recipient), 25 Jul 2018