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Australian Museum Visiting Fellow

Ouzman, Sven (Recipient), 2002

Prize: Fellowship

Gil Nicol Biennial Award

Officer, Jennie (Recipient) & Trent Woods (Recipient), 2013


VALA Travel Scholarship

Solomons, Terena (Recipient), 1 Jan 2002

Prize: Award

Fresh Science of 2018 (WA)

Zhao, Wenhua (Recipient), 26 Jun 2018

Prize: Honorary award

The Staff Prize for Surgery

Snelling, Thomas (Recipient), 1998

Prize: Other distinction

Cairo University Undergraduate Scholarship

Elchalakani, Mohamed (Recipient), 1 Oct 1984

Prize: Postgraduate Scholarship


Parizel, Paul (Recipient), 1982

Prize: Award

Sax Institute Research Action Award

Wood, Lisa (Recipient), 2018

Prize: Award

Excellence in Teaching

McGaughey, Fiona (Recipient), 10 Mar 2020


Best Internet or World Wide Web usage project

Kinder, John (Recipient), Yasmeen, Samina (Recipient) & Michael Fardon (Recipient), 1999


The Marconi Premium

Cantoni, Antonio (Recipient), 14 Aug 1984


UWA Student Choice Award

Crabb, Catherine (Recipient), 2 Jul 2019

Prize: Award

Certificate of Appreciation

Parizel, Paul (Recipient), 2011

Prize: Award

Research Impact Grant

Zhao, Wenhua (Recipient), 1 Dec 2017


2010 Conrad Gerber Award

De Vietri, Max (Recipient), Oct 2010

Prize: Honorary award

Steel Architecture

Officer, Jennie (Recipient), 2017

Prize: Award

Global Public Interest Design 100

Pinho, Lara Camilla (Recipient), 2013

Prize: Honorary award