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UWA Fogarty Foundation Regional Scholarship

Douglas, Michael (Recipient), 2005

Prize: Other distinction

UWA Postdoctoral Fellowship

Ghisalberti, Marco (Recipient), 2005

Prize: Fellowship

Walter McRae Russell Award

Dalziell, Tanya (Recipient), Jul 2005

Prize: Award


Certificate of Recognition

Karrech, Ali (Recipient), 2004

Prize: Award

Excellence in Teaching Award

Kiffin-Petersen, Sandra (Recipient), 2004

Prize: Honorary award

Excellence in Teaching - Individual Teaching

Abbott, Paul (Recipient), 2004

Prize: Other distinction


Reilly, Benjamin (Recipient), 1 Mar 2004

Prize: Fellowship

Honours List

Chua, Hui (Recipient), 31 Jan 2004

Prize: Other distinction

Microzooplankton of Western Australia

Harriet Paterson (Recipient), 2004


Nuffield Visiting Fellow

Reilly, Benjamin (Recipient), 1 Sep 2004

Prize: Fellowship

SAE Ralph H. Isbrandt Automotive Safety Engineering Award

Wittek, Adam (Recipient) & Yasuhiro Matsui (Recipient), 2004

Prize: Award


Australian Postgraduate Awards

Ooi, Esther (Recipient), 2003

Prize: Postgraduate Scholarship

Cagniard Prize

Buckingham, Amanda (Recipient), Dentith, Mike (Recipient) & Ronald List (Recipient), 2003

Prize: Award


Parizel, Paul (Recipient), 2003

Prize: Award

Microzooplankton of Western Australia

Harriet Paterson (Recipient), 2003


Mike Carroll Travel Fellowship

Vila Aiub, Martin (Recipient), 1 Mar 2003

Prize: Fellowship

NUS Excellent Teachers, 2002/3

Chua, Hui (Recipient), 19 Aug 2003

Prize: Other distinction