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Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland Architectural Award

Sally Farrah (Recipient), 2013


Academic Achievement Award

Nedkoff, Lee (Recipient), 2013

Prize: Honorary award

Student's Choice Award

Martin, Karen (Recipient), 2017

Prize: Award

Certificate of Appreciation - YourTutor Service Launch

Ravi, Lucia (Recipient), Mar 2010

Prize: Other distinction

Teaching Excellence Award

Gadd, Anna (Recipient), 2019

Prize: Award

Certificate of Appreciation

Parizel, Paul (Recipient), 2011

Prize: Other distinction

Publication Award

Japutra, Arnold (Recipient), 2016

Prize: Other distinction

Research Training Program Scholarship

Vo, Long (Recipient), 2016

Prize: Postgraduate Scholarship

Honorary Doctorate, University of Primorska

Praeger, Cheryl (Recipient), Mar 2018

Prize: Honorary award

University Prize

Poskitt, Russell (Recipient), 2001


Hall medal

Bamberg, John (Recipient), 2017


First Time Presenter's Award

Tas Thamo (Recipient), 2015


ABC Classic FM 'Forty Under Forty'

Devenish, Louise (Recipient), 2016

Prize: Other distinction

Dorothy Hill Medal

George, Annette (Recipient), 2002

Prize: Award

Podiatry WA Prize [F29334]

Crabb, Catherine (Recipient), 6 Aug 2018


Honorary Life Member

Kinder, John (Recipient), 2014

Prize: Honorary award

Western Australia Inventor of the Year Second Runner Up

Chua, Hui (Recipient) & Lizhen Gao (Recipient), 2006

Prize: Award