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Australian Museum Visiting Fellow

Ouzman, Sven (Recipient), 1996

Prize: Fellowship

Elected fellow

Praeger, Cheryl (Recipient), 1996

Prize: Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science

Fulbright scholar

Parish, Gia (Recipient), 1996

Prize: Other distinction

Japan Robotics Association Award

Trevelyan, James (Recipient) & Kenneth Taylor (Recipient), 1 Jul 1996


Scholarship Award

Parizel, Paul (Recipient), 1996

Prize: Award


Australian Postgraduate Award

Ree, Melissa (Recipient), 1997

Prize: Postgraduate Scholarship

Fellowship, Marketing Institute of Singapore

Soutar, Geoff (Recipient), 1997

Prize: Other distinction

Vice Chancellors List - Curtin University

Ravi, Lucia (Recipient), 2 Feb 1997

Prize: Honorary award

Vice-Chancellor’s Commendation

Snelling, Thomas (Recipient), 1997

Prize: Other distinction

Marcus Singer Medal

Dunlop, Sarah (Recipient), 1998


The Staff Prize for Surgery

Snelling, Thomas (Recipient), 1998

Prize: Other distinction

The WA Crammond Prize for Psychiatry

Snelling, Thomas (Recipient), 1998

Prize: Other distinction


22nd Annual Alexander Graham Bell Lecturer

Cantoni, Antonio (Recipient), 1 Jun 1999

Prize: Other distinction

Astra Foundation Chair

Parizel, Paul (Recipient), 1999

Prize: Award

Best Internet or World Wide Web usage project

Kinder, John (Recipient), Yasmeen, Samina (Recipient) & Michael Fardon (Recipient), 1999


Excellence in Teaching Award

Ackland, Tim (Recipient), 1999

Prize: Award

Monash University Graduate Scholarship

Elchalakani, Mohamed (Recipient), 30 Apr 1999

Prize: Postgraduate Scholarship

Prijs Agfa-Gevaert

Parizel, Paul (Recipient), 18 Jun 1999

Prize: Award

Seed of Light Award

Hoyle, Frances (Recipient), 1999

Prize: Award


1999 WAITTA Achiever Award

Cantoni, Antonio (Recipient), 1 Mar 2000


Excellence in Teaching Awards 2000

Sanfilippo, Frank (Shortlisted), Dec 2000

Prize: Award