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Pew Presidential Fellowship

Robbie Wood (Recipient), 2008

Prize: Postgraduate Scholarship

Peter Phelan Travel Fellowship

Kimberley Wang (Recipient), 2017

Prize: Award

Peter Goldacre Medal

Josh Mylne (Recipient), 25 Sep 2012


Peter Goldacre medal

Mark Waters (Recipient), 2015


Paul Harris Award

Andrew Whitehouse (Recipient), 2015


Panos Englezos Prize

Tim St Pierre (Recipient), 2016


PAFTAD Young Scholar Fellowship

Tushar Bharati (Recipient), 2019

Prize: Fellowship

Outstanding Scholarships

Kai Chen (Recipient), 2015

Prize: Postgraduate Scholarship

Outstanding Reviewer Award

Marit Kragt (Recipient), 2013

Prize: Other distinction

Outstanding Consultant

Heng Qiu (Recipient), 2013

Prize: Award

Order of Australia

Andrew Lu (Recipient), 2008

Prize: Other distinction

Officer of the Order of National Merit

Max De Vietri (Recipient), Feb 2006

Prize: Honorary award