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Adelaide International Honours Scholarship

Qazi Haque (Recipient), 2013

Prize: Postgraduate Scholarship

Masters Scholarship

Victor Haruo Matsubara (Recipient), 1 Feb 2009

Prize: Postgraduate Scholarship

Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland Architectural Award

Sally Farrah (Recipient), 2013


Certificate of Appreciation - YourTutor Service Launch

Lucia Ravi (Recipient), Mar 2010

Prize: Other distinction

EH Thompson Best Paper Award

Ajmal Mian (Recipient), 2015

Prize: Honorary award

Lindsay Ingall Memorial Award

Mike Dentith (Recipient) & Stephen Mudge (Recipient), 2015


Visiting Professor

Alison Ord (Recipient), 2015

Prize: Other distinction

Outstanding Reviewer Award

Marit Kragt (Recipient), 2013

Prize: Other distinction

Top reviewer award

Marit Kragt (Recipient), 2017

Prize: Other distinction

JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship

Patrick Hayes (Recipient), 18 Jul 2018

Prize: Fellowship

Marschner Young Scientist Award

Patrick Hayes (Recipient), 21 Aug 2017



Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology

Tim Ackland (Recipient), 1 Jan 2016

Prize: Fellowship

Masao Ito Award

Alex Tang (Recipient), 2018

Prize: Award

University Merit Award

Kimberley Wang (Recipient), 2008

Prize: Award

Fulbright Professional Scholarship 2016

Ursula Salmon (Recipient), 2016

Prize: Other distinction