1st Prize Photography Competition: UN-Habitat - World Habitat Day: Winning entries (2) Right of Way and Right of Stay



“While liveable cities depend upon rational economics, that is just one leg of
the stool. If our cities are to be truly sustainable and harmonious, we must
improve the lives and well-being of everyone, especially the urban poor. We
must not continue to consume natural resources at rates that deny opportunity
to our children and grandchildren.”
– UN-HABITAT Executive Director Anna Tibaijuka, 2009

We are pleased to announce that the global observance of World Habitat Day this year will be held at the Shanghai World Expo 2010. Hosted by China’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development and the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Urban and Rural Construction and Transport, the celebration of World Habitat Day will be a major concluding highlight of the Expo at which the
United Nations has its own pavilion.

The Better Cities, Better Life theme highlights the United Nationals vision of a sustainable urban world that harnesses potentials and possibilities, mitigates
inequalities and disparities, and provides a home for people of all cultures and ages, both rich and poor.

World Habitat Day provides an excellent opportunity to highlight key human settlements issues. In New Zealand as part of such celebrations to raise awareness for Better Cities, Better life, the World Habitat Day Photo Competition was launched with the University of Auckland (UN-Habitat Partner).

Degree of recognitionInternational

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Event titleWorld Habitat Day Auckland New Zealand
LocationAuckland, New ZealandShow on map
Period4 Oct 2010