Miri Albahari

Dr, BA Cant., MA Otago, PhD Calg.

  • The University of Western Australia (M204), 35 Stirling Highway,

    6009 Perth


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Conference Activity and Presentations 2007-2022

* April 2022 'Panpsychism and the inner-outer gap problem', invited talk at Monash University (via Zoom). 

* September 2020 'Perennial Idealism: How can the world be grounded in universal consicousness, invited Plenary talk, Towards a Science of Consciousness, Tucson 
*October 2018 Non-dual consciousness as Metaphysical Ground’, Department Colloquium, New York University, invited
*July 2018, 'Universal Consciousness as ground of all Being', AAP, Wellington, New Zealand
*June 2017, 'Perennial Idealism: ‘A proposed metaphysic to account for content of ‘Perennial’ awakening mystical experience’ given at Idealism & Mind-Body Problem workshop, NYU-Shanghai, invited 
*August 2016, 'Idealism and the Perennial Philosophy: How might the world be grounded in universal consciousness?' Adelaide University, Departmental Seminar, invited.
*July 2016, 'Is Cosmopsychism a Coherent Position?', AAP, Monash.
*May 2016, 'How might universal consciousness ground all being? A preliminary sketch'. ANU, Departmental Seminar, invited.
*February 2016, 'Bridging Analytic, Continental and Eastern approaches to philosophy: Can we coherently define a universal consciousness as the experienced ground of all being?, Wollongong University, Departmental Seminar, invited.
*July 2015, 'How Should we characterise Awakening in Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta?', Australasian Society for Comparative and Asian Philosophy, Monash University.
* March, 2015: ‘Investigating the Possibility of Nibbāna’, Wollongong University, Departmental Seminar, invited.
* March, 2015: ‘The (Illusion of) Self as Culturally Invariant from a Buddhist Perspective’, (Philosophy Meets Cultural Diversity, Centre for Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh, on-line, invited).
* February, 2015: ‘Awakening to the Possibility of Nibbāna, (University of Calgary, Departmental seminar).
* January, 2015: ‘What is Nibbāna? Investigating Its Possibility’, ( APA Central Division, St Louis, invited symposium).
* July 2014: 'Metaphysically Framing Huxley's 'Perennial Philosophy'', AAP, Canberra
*April 2014: 'Different Trees, Same Fruit: Awakened Sages on the Nature of Mind' at Towards a Science of Consciousness conference, Tucson, Arizona
* 2012, Dec: ‘Witness-consciousness and the self-illusion in Buddhism” workshop on Consciousness and the Self (University of Fribourg, invited)
* 2012, July. “Can consciousness observe its own impermanence in Buddhist meditation?” Australasian Association of Philosophy, Wollongong.
* 2012, May: ‘What kind of consciousness does nibbāna entail?’ and ‘What is the relation between no-self and consciousness in Buddhism?’ while serving as invited faculty at the N.E.H funded Summer Research Institute on topic “Investigating Consciousness: Buddhist and Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives” in Charleston, South Carolina
*2011, July ‘Aliefs and the Constitution of Belief’ (Australasian Association of Philosophy, University of Otago)
* 2010, July 'Is the illusion of self needed for survival?' (Australasian Association of Philosophy, UNSW)
* 2010, April 'Can meditation non-pathologically dismantle the core self?', (Stream on 'Consciousness and the self', 'Towards a Science of Consciousness', Tucson)
* 2010, January 'What Unenlightened Mary Couldn't Know', ('From Experience to Thought', Jawaharlal-Nehru University, New Delhi; invited)
* 2009, July 'Can a sense of self diminish knowledge that there is no self?', (Australasian Association of Philosophy, Melbourne)
* 2009, June 7-13: Senior Research Investigator at the annual Mind and Life Summer Research Institute (MLSRI), Garrison, NY
* 2009 (April): 'Why we must preserve the traditional conception of self' (Self-no-self Conference, Copenhagen University; invited)
* 2008: 'A Buddhist Perspective on Self: To Be or Not to Be?' (The Brain and Mind Club, Melbourne; invited)
* 2008: 'What Kind of Self Do We Think We Are?' (Australasian Association of Philosophy, Melbourne)
* 2008: 'A Critique of Dan Zahavi's Subjectivity and Selfhood' (American Philosophical Association, Pasadena, author-meets-critic session; invited)
* 2007: 'Characterising No-self in Buddhism' (Australasian Association of Philosophy, Auckland)
* 2007: 'Clarifying the Nature of Witness-Consciousness' (Conference on Buddhism & Taoism: Emptiness and Nothingness, Hong Kong University; invited)
* 2007: 'The Two-Tiered Illusion of Self' (Australasian Association of Philosophy, Australia, Armidale)

Teaching overview

Philosophy of Mind (upper-level)
Philosophy East and West (upper-level)
Critical Thinking (first-year)
God, Mind and Knowledge (first-year)
Advanced Metaphysics: Colour, Time and Causation (honours)
Consciousness (honours)
Bioethics (upper-level)


I work on comparative philosophy, in particular Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta as it interfaces with the philosophy of mind, metaphysics and epistemology. I am currently writing a book that proposes a novel metaphysical framework (that I call 'Perennial Idealism') for what Aldous Huxley and others refer to as the Perennial Philosophy.

Research expertise keywords

  • Eastern philosophy
  • Colour, philosophy of
  • Mind, philosophy of
  • The self
  • Metaphysics


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