Matthew Piggott

Dr, BSc PhD W.Aust.

  • The University of Western Australia (M310), 35 Stirling Highway, Room 329, Bayliss Building, Perth campus

    6009 Perth


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Dr Matthew Piggott completed his BSc and PhD at The University of Western Australia. After postdoctoral stints at The Australian National University and Boston College, he took up a lecturing position at the ANU in the Department of Chemistry. In 2005 Matthew moved to the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UWA.


Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology

I love designing and synthesising new compounds. Sometimes this is done with a practical application in mind; for example, with the aim of discovering new drugs (medicinal chemistry), to study complex biological systems (chemical biology), or as molecular components of electronic circuits or machines. Sometimes, strategy and methodology are the focus: how can we make a complex, biologically active natural product as efficiently as possible? And, sometimes, the driving force is about pushing the boundaries. We can design molecules with unprecedented, beautiful structures – can we make them? In all cases, the creativity and logic of organic synthesis is immensely intellectually rewarding. Very brief overviews of current research areas are outlined below.

Parkinson’s disease medicinal chemistry: We have several projects investigating novel approaches to the pharmacotherapy of Parkinson’s disease, facilitated through a long-standing collaboration with Parkinson’s disease expert Dr Jonathan Brotchie, from the University Health Network, Toronto, Canada. The lead compound for one of these projects was the illicit drug MDMA (‘ecstasy’).

Trypanosomiasis medicinal chemistry: Trypanosomiasis includes African sleeping sickness and Chagas disease, major neglected diseases of the third world. This work involves a multipronged international collaboration with Professor Jonathan Baell at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical sciences, Melbourne; Professor Vicky Avery at the Eskitis Institute, Griffith University, Brisbane; and GlaxoSmithKline, through the Tres Cantos Open Lab Foundation.

Chemical Biology: Efforts in this area include the synthesis of stable analogues of phosphohistidine for the purpose of antibody generation, and histidine phosphatase/kinase inhibitor identification, in collaboration with Professor Paul Attwood from UWA; the design and synthesis of fluorescent probes of enzyme activity; and biological probes for the interrogation of protein oxidation state with Professor Peter Arthur from UWA.

Total synthesis of natural products: Our group has achieved the novel total synthesis of 11 biologically-active natural products. Additional synthetic work has refuted several structures assigned to natural products.

Design and synthesis of compounds with novel aromatic architectures: Through collaboration with UWA Professors George Koutsantonis and Paul Low, we are currently investigating the synthesis of novel organometallic complexes with potential applications as molecular switches.

For more details on any of these areas of research (see also "Current Projects"), please email Matthew.

Industrial relevance

Drug Discovery and Development
Molecular electronics

Roles and responsibilities

Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Medicinal Chemistry
Drug Discovery and Development
Parkinson's Disease
Chemical Biology
Illicit Drug Synthesis and Analysis

Chair, UWA Mutagens and Carcinogens Committee
Chair, School of Molecular Sciences Safety Committee

Future research

See current projects.

Postdoctoral applicants: I can only consider taking on postdocs with their own funding at this time.
International PhD students: I can only consider applicants who can pay their own way, or have a full scholarship.

Please note that I will not reply to applications unless I am addressed personally (by name).

Funding overview

ICARE, Dust Diseases Care - Aiming for the Achilles’ heel - discovering an effective drug against mesothelioma
NHMRC, APP1079351 - Discovery of single agents to treat Chagas disease and human African trypanosomiasis
Tres Cantos Open Lab Foundation (GSK sponsored)
Pathfinder, Hit to Lead Optimization for kinetoplastid diseases: single agents for Chagas and HAT
The Brain Foundation
Ada Bartholomew Medical Research Trust
Atuka Ltd

Previous positions

Lecturer, Australian National University

Current projects

Research Students:

Glenn Pullella (PhD Scholar, commenced 2015)
Total synthesis of quinonoid natural products (eucapsitrione, albopunctatone...)

Francis Dhoro (PhD Scholar, commenced 2015)
Total synthesis of marine alkaloids

Dominika Jusko (PhD scholar, commenced 2018)
Mesothelioma medicinal chemistry

Former Students: (Current occupation)
Dr Harriet Newson (PhD, 2013-2017)
Part I: Highly oxygenated biphenyls inspired by natural products as antiviral agents Part II: Novel Trypanosomacidal agents for the treatment of human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT) and Chagas disease
(postdoctoral fellow, Ferrier Inst. Victoria University of Wellington)

Adam Wdowiak (Honours level, on exchangne from Bristol U. 2016/17)
A novel 13C-labelled MS probe for interrogating protein-thiol oxidation state
(Commencing PhD at UWA 2019)

Dr Mark Walkey (Hons 2011, PhD 2012–2017, with Prof. George Koutsantonis)
Spiropyran-based organometallic molecular switches

Jesse Parkin-Gibbs (PhD 2009-2010)
Structural identification of samoquasine A through total synthesis

Hannah Green (Honours 2016)
Total synthesis of dehydroxyarthrinone
(Analytical/forensic Chemist, ChemCentre WA, Perth)

Dr Stephanie Russell (PhD 2010-2016 with a period of suspension for family reasons)
MDMA analogues for the treatment of Blood Cancers; Hit-to-lead optimisation of a novel class of potent trypanosomacidal agents
(Appili Therapeutics, Halifax, maternity leave)

Pnelope Ng (Honours with Prof. Christina Chai, NUS)
Hit-to-lead optimisation of a novel class of potent trypansomacidal agents
(Associate analytical chemist, Covance, Singapore)

Dr Marco Buccini (Hons, PhD 2011-2015)
Part I. The total synthesis of epi-antrodioxolanone
Part II. Quinones as synthons for polycyclic, heteroaromatic natural products
(Health, Safety, Security and Environment Officer, AGentsales, Perth)

Rohan Joyce (Honours 2012)
Applications of stable analogues of phosphohistidines
(Synthetic chemist, Advanced Molecular Technologies, Melbourne)

Arthur Toynton (Honours level, on exchange from Durham U., 2012/2013)
African Sleeping sickness drug discovery
(Strategy Manager, Open Banking at HSBC UK Retail)

Shi Yuan Jeow (Honours 2011, Singapore)
Synthesis of alpkinidine analogues & Studies of a novel N-hydroxyindole synthesis
(Radiochemist, Clinical Imaging Research Center, A-STAR, Singapore)

Dr Shin Mukai (PhD 2007-2011)
Stable analogues of phosphohistidine

(Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School)

Hung Nguyen (Hons 2006, PhD commenced 2007, w/d)
Parkinson’s disease med-chem

Dr Katie Punch (Hons, PhD 2005-2011)
Total synthesis of monosporascone and the antrocamphins
(Environmental Scientist, Alcoa)

Michael Gandy (Hons, PhD scholar, commenced 2006)
Redesigning the designer drug ‘ecstasy’: analogues of MDMA for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and Burkitt’s lymphoma

(Student Services Manager, UNSW)

Dr Erik Jan Lindeboom (Occupational Trainee)
An improved, large scale synthesis of Leadfluor-1.

(Trainee Patent Attorney at V.O. Patents, Amsterdam)

David Osbourne (Honours 2009)
Polyacenes as bridging ligands for photoactive metal complexes.

Dr Katie Lewis (Honours, PhD 2005-2009)
Redesigning the designer drug ‘ecstasy’: analogues of MDMA for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and Burkitt’s lymphoma

Dr Jonathan Brotchie, University Health Network, Toronto Western Research Institute, Canada
Prof. Jonathan Baell, Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Monash University, Melbourne.
A/Prof. Joanne Nash, University of Toronto, Canada
Prof. Mathew Martin Iverson, UWA
Prof. Paul Attwood, UWA
Prof. George Koutsantonis, UWA
Prof. Paul Low, UWA.
Prof. Peter Arthur, UWA.
Dr Joost Lesterhuis, Perkins Inst., UWA.
Prof. Alice Vrielink, UWA.

Former collaborators:
Prof. John Gordon, Birmingham University, UK
Prof. Christina Chai, National University of Singapore, Singapore.
Dr Paul Besant, UWA

Teaching overview

CHEM1002 Chemistry - Structure and Reactivity
CHEM1004 Biological Chemistry
CHEM3305 Biological Chemistry (PSB)
CHEM3312 Chemistry of Drug Discovery and Design (PSB)
CHEM3002 Chemical Explorations (coordinator)
MSCI4006 (Honours) Small Molecule Mass Spectrometry
CHEM1002 Chemistry - Structure and Reactivity
CHEM1004 Biological Chemistry
CHEM3305 Biological Chemistry (PSB)
CHEM3312 Chemistry of Drug Discovery and Design (PSB)
MSCI4006 (Honours) Small Molecule Mass Spectrometry
CHEM1002 Chemistry - Structure and Reactivity
CHEM3004 Synthetic Applications (coordinator)
MSCI4006 (Honours) Small molecule mass spectrometry
CHEM3312 Chemistry of Drug Discovery and Design (PSB)
CHEM3305 Biological Chemistry (PSB)
2014: sabbatical


  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Synthetic organic chemistry
  • Chemical biology
  • Neuroscience: Parkinson's disease
  • Trypanosomiasis (African sleeping sickness, Chagas disease)
  • Bioactive natural product synthesis
  • Novel aromatic molecules
  • Amphetamine synthesis

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Biological Products Medicine & Life Sciences
N-Methyl-3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine Medicine & Life Sciences
Acylation Medicine & Life Sciences
Antrodia Medicine & Life Sciences
1-Methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine Medicine & Life Sciences
Dyskinesias Medicine & Life Sciences
Cycloaddition Reaction Medicine & Life Sciences
Levodopa Medicine & Life Sciences

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Research Output 1997 2019

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Carbon-Rich Trinuclear Octamethylferrocenophanes

Roemer, M., Wild, D. A., Sobolev, A. N., Skelton, B. W., Nealon, G. L., Piggott, M. J. & Koutsantonis, G. A., 18 Mar 2019, In : Inorganic Chemistry. 56, 6, p. 3789–3799

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Friedel-Craft reaction
Friedel-Crafts reaction

Chemically and Mechanically Controlled Single-Molecule Switches Using Spiropyrans

Walkey, M. C., Peiris, C. R., Ciampi, S., C. Aragonès, A., Domínguez-Espíndola, R. B., Jago, D., Pulbrook, T., Skelton, B. W., Sobolev, A. N., Díez Pérez, I., Piggott, M. J., Koutsantonis, G. A. & Darwish, N., 9 Oct 2019, In : ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES. 11, 40, p. 36886-36894 9 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Total synthesis of the antimalarial ascidian natural product albopunctatone

Pullella, G. A., Wdowiak, A. P., Sykes, M. L., Lucantoni, L., Sukhoverkov, K. V., Zulfiqar, B., Sobolev, A. N., West, N. P., Mylne, J. S., Avery, V. M. & Piggott, M. J., 9 Jul 2019, In : Organic Letters. 21, 14, p. 5519-5523 5 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Biological Products

Confirmation of the Revised Structure of Samoquasine A and a Proposed Structural Revision of Cherimoline

Dhoro, F., Parkin-Gibbs, J., McIldowie, M., Skelton, B. W. & Piggott, M. J., 27 Jul 2018, In : Journal of Natural Products. 81, 7, p. 1658-1665 8 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Biological Products
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Biological Products
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