Projects 1995 2022

Evaluation Research

Wood, L., Vallesi, S., Cumming, C., Tuson, M., Gazey, A. & Chapple, N.

Homeless Healthcare


Project: Research

Safer cycling and the urban road environment

Meuleners, L., Johnson, M., Oxley, J., Gabbe, B., Rose, G., Dill, J., Katz, R. & Stevenson, M.

University of Melbourne


Project: Research

Disinvestment in low value healthcare following a diagnosis of undifferentiated chest pain

Briffa, T., Sanfilippo, F., Li, I., Hillis, G., Stobie, P., Schultz, C., Yong, J. & Rankin, J.

HCF Research Foundation


Project: Research

Improving social and economic outcomes for children of incarcerated mothers

Preen, D., Segal, L., Kinner, S., Dawe, S., Spittal, M. & Dennison, S.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

Home2Health Translation

Wood, L., Vallesi, S. & Chapple, N.

UWA Research Impact Grants


Project: Research

Evolution of the Safe as Houses Program

Wood, L., Martin, K., Irwin, E. & Gazey, A.

Tenancy WA


Project: Research

Evaluation of DRUMBEAT for Young Veterans

Wood, L., Martin, K. & Chapple, N.



Project: Research