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Acyclic Digraphs and Eigenvalues of (0,1) - Matrices

Royle, G., Mckay, B. D., Oggier, F. E., Sloane, N. J. A., Wanless, I. M. & Wilf, H. S., 2004, In : Journal of Integer Sequences. 7, 3, p. online - approx 5-20pp

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Acyclic Digraph
(0, 1)-matrices
Directed Acyclic Graph
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Adapting a cryogenic sapphire oscillator for very long baseline interferometry

Doeleman, S., Tai, M., Rogers, A. E. E., Hartnett, J., Tobar, M. & Nand, N. R., 2011, In : Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. 123, 903, p. 582-595

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Adaptive binarization of unconstrained hand-held camera-captured document images

Bukhari, S. S., Shafait, F. & Breuel, T. M., 2009, In : Journal of Universal Computer Science. 15, 18, p. 3343-3363

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Adaptive cluster synchronization in networks with time-varying and distributed coupling delays

Li, K., Zhou, J., Yu, W., Small, M. & Fu, X., 2014, In : Applied Mathematical Modelling. 38, 4, p. 1300-1314

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Linear matrix inequalities
Feedback control
Differential equations
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Adaptive estimation in partially linear autoregressive models

Gao, J. & Yee, T., 2000, In : The Canadian Journal of Statistics. 28, 3, p. 571-586

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Adaptive mechanism between dynamical synchronisation and epidemic behaviour on complex networks

Li, K., Fu, X. C., Small, M. & Ma, Z., 2011, In : Chaos. 21, p. N/A

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Gao, J., Tong, H. & Wolff, R., 2002, In : Statistica Sinica. 12, 2, p. 409-428

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Orthogonal Series
Simultaneous Estimation
Adaptive Estimation
Stochastic Model
Regression Model
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Adaptive quadratic Neural Nets.

Lim, S. G., Alder, M. & Hadingham, P. T., 1992, In : Pattern Recognition Letters. 13, May, 1992, p. 325-329

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Neural networks
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Adaptive relaxation for querying heterogeneous XML data sources

Liu, C., Li, J., Yu, J. X. X. & Zhou, R., 2010, In : Information Systems. 35, 6, p. 688-707 20 p.

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Query processing
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Adaptive Remodeling of Achilles Tendon: A Multi-scale Computational Model

Young, S. R., Gardiner, B., Mehdizadeh, A., Rubenson, J., Umberger, B. & Smith, D. W., 29 Sep 2016, In : PLoS Computational Biology. 12, 9, p. 1-30 e1005106.

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Achilles Tendon
Multiscale Model
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Adaptive Testing in Continuous-Time Diffusion Models

Gao, J. & King, M., 2004, In : Econometric Theory. 20, 5, p. 844-882

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Continuous time
Diffusion model
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Addressing a single spin in diamond with a macroscopic dielectric microwave cavity

Le Floch, J-M., Bradac, C., Nand, N. R., Castelletto, S. A., Tobar, M. & Volz, T., 29 Sep 2014, In : Applied Physics Letters. 105, 13, 3 p., 133101.

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Open Access
magnetic resonance
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A decidable temporal logic of parallelism

Reynolds, M., 1997, In : Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic. p. 419-436

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A deep Hα survey of galaxies in the two nearby clusters Abell 1367 and Coma: The Hα luminosity functions

Iglesias-Páramo, J., Boselli, A., Cortese, L., Vílchez, J. M. M. & Gavazzi, G., 2002, In : Astronomy and Astrophysics. 384, 2, p. 383-392 10 p.

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A deep Parkes HI survey of the Sculptor group and filament: HI mass function and environment

Westmeier, T., Obreschkow, D., Calabretta, M., Jurek, R., Koribalski, B. S., Meyer, M., Musaeva, A., Popping, A., Staveley-Smith, L., Wong, O. I. & Wright, A., Dec 2017, In : Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 472, 4, p. 4832-4850 19 p.

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Owens, R., 1984, In : Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society. 29, p. 315-327

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A derivation of the free-free emission on the Galactic plane between ℓ= 20° and 44°

Alves, M. I. R., Davies, R. D., Dickinson, C., Calabretta, M., Davis, R. & Staveley-Smith, L., 2012, In : Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 422, p. 2429-2443

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A dielectric model of human breast tissue in terahertz regime

Truong, B. C. Q., Tuan, H., Fitzgerald, A., Wallace, V. & Nguyen, H. T., 2015, In : IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. 62, 2, p. 699-707

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Support vector machines
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Adinkra (in)equivalence from Coxeter group representations:

Chappell, I., Gates Jr, S. & Hübsch, T., 2014, In : International Journal of Modern Physics A. 29, p. 1-24

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Adinkras, 0-branes, holoraumy and the SUSY QFT/QM correspondence

Calkins, M., Gates, S., Gates, S. J. & Stiffler, K., 2015, In : International Journal of Modern Physics A. 30, 11, p. 1-44

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Adinkras and SUSY holography: Some explicit examples

Gates Jr, S., Hübsch, T. & Stiffler, K., 2014, In : International Journal of Modern Physics A. 29, p. 1-14

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AdiosStMan: Parallelizing Casacore Table Data System using Adaptive IO System

Wang, R., Harris, C. & Wicenec, A., 2016, In : Astronomy and Computing. 16, p. 146-154 9 p.

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data systems
Adaptive systems
performance tests
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A directional-antenna based MAC protocol for wireless sensor networks

Zhang, S. & Datta, A., 2005, In : Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 3481, p. 686-695

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Directional Antenna
MAC Protocol
Wireless Sensor Networks
Wireless sensor networks
star clusters
Magellanic clouds
star formation
stellar rotation
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A Discretized Approach to Flexibly Fit Generalized Lambda Distributions to Data

Su, S., 2005, In : Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods. 4, 2, p. 408-424

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A Discriminative Representation of Convolutional Features for Indoor Scene Recognition

Khan, S., Hayat, M., Bennamoun, M., Togneri, R. & Sohel, F. A., Jul 2016, In : IEEE Transactions on Image Processing. 25, 7, p. 3372-3383

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Chemical activation
Object recognition
Neural networks
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Ferromagnetic resonance
ferromagnetic resonance
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Adjusting learning motivation to promote cooperation

Zhang, H., Small, M., Yang, H. & Wang, B., 2010, In : PHYSICA A-STATISTICAL MECHANICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS. 389, p. 4734-4739

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A dual formulation of supergravity-matter theories

Butter, D. & Kuzenko, S. M., 2012, In : Nuclear Physics B. 854, p. 1-27

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Advanced Diagnostics for the Study of Linearly Polarized Emission. II. Application to Diffuse Interstellar Radio Synchrotron Emission

Herron, C. A., Burkhart, B., Gaensler, B. M., Lewis, G. F., McClure-Griffiths, N. M., Bernardi, G., Carretti, E., Haverkorn, M., Kesteven, M., Poppi, S. & Staveley-Smith, L., 1 Mar 2018, In : Astrophysical Journal. 855, 1, 29.

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Advanced LIGO

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G., 2015, In : Classical and Quantum Gravity. 32, 7, 41 p., 074001.

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Open Access
LIGO (observatory)
gravitational waves
low frequencies
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Advanced multi-loop algorithms for RNA secondary structure prediction reveal that the simplest model is best

Ward, M., Datta, A., Wise, M. & Matthews, D., 21 Aug 2017, In : Nucleic Acids Research. 45, 14, p. 8541-8550 10 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Open Access
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Advanced noise reduction techniques for ultra-low phase noise optical-to-microwave division with femtosecond fiber combs

Zhang, W., Xu, Z., Lours, M., Boudot, R., Kersalé, Y., Luiten, A., Coq, Y. L. & Santarelli, G., 2011, In : IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control. 58, p. 900-908

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Advanced Virgo: A second-generation interferometric gravitational wave detector

Virgo Collaboration, 22 Jan 2015, In : Classical and Quantum Gravity. 32, 2, 024001.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

gravitational waves
LIGO (observatory)
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Advances in atomic fountains

Bize, S., Laurent, P., Abgrall, M., Marion, H., Maksimovic, I., Cacciapuoti, L., Grunert, J., Vian, C., Pereira Dos Santos, F., Rosenbusch, P., Lemonde, P., Santarelli, G., Wolf, P., Clairon, A., Luiten, A., Tobar, M. & Salomon, C., 2004, In : Comptes Rendus Physique. 5, 8, p. 829-843

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

atomic clocks
frequency standards
International System of Units
International Space Station
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Advances in development of quartz crystal oscillators at liquid helium temperatures

Goryachev, M., Galliou, S., Imbaud, J. & Abbé, P., 2013, In : Cryogenics. 57, p. 104-112

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crystal oscillators
Crystal oscillators
noise measurement
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Advocating avatars: The salesperson in second life

Berthon, P., Pitt, L., Halvorson, W., Ewing, M. & Crittenden, V., 2010, In : Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management. 30, 3, p. 195-208

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A dynamical model of supernova feedback: Gas outflows from the interstellar medium

Lagos Urbina, C., Lacey, C. G. & Baugh, C. M., 2013, In : Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 436, 2, p. 1787-1817

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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A dynamical simulation of the debris disk around HD 141569A

Ardila, D. R., Lubow, S. H., Golimowski, D. A., Krist, J. E., Clampin, M., Ford, H. C., Hartig, G. F., Illingworth, G. D., Bartko, F., Benitez, N., Blakeslee, J. P., Bouwens, R. J., Bradley, L. D., Broadhurst, T. J., Brown, R. A., Burrows, C. J., Cheng, E. S., Cross, N. J. G., Feldman, P. D., Franx, M. & 19 othersGoto, T., Gronwall, C., Holden, B., Homeier, N., Infante, L., Kimble, R. A., Lesser, M. P., Martel, A. R., Menanteau, F., Meurer, G., Miley, G. K., Postman, M., Sirianni, M., Sparks, W. B., Tran, H. D., Tsvetanov, Z. I., White, R. L., Zheng, W. & Zirm, A. W., 2005, In : Astrophysical Journal. 627, p. 986

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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A dynamical theory for linearized massive superspin 3/2

Gates Jr, S. & Koutrolikos, K., 2014, In : Journal of High Energy Physics. 2014, p. 1-11

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Open Access
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A Faint, Steep-Spectrum Burst from the Radio Transient GCRT J1745-3009

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A family of edge-transitive Frobenius metacirculants of small valency

Song, S., Li, C-H. & Wang, D., 2013, In : European Journal of Combinatorics. 34, 2, p. 512-521

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Graph in graph theory
Frobenius Group
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A family of half-transitive graphs

Chen, J., Li, C-H. & Seress, A., 2013, In : The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics. 20, 1, p. #P56

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A Family of Near-Polygonal Graphs of Valency 10

Seress, A. & Swartz, E., 2012, In : Annals of Combinatorics. 16, 4, p. 891-903

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Arc-transitive Graph
Automorphism Group
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A family of resolvable regular graph designs

Kreher, D. L., Royle, G. & Wallis, W. D., 1996, In : Discrete Mathematics. 156, p. 269-275

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Graph Design
Regular Graph
Less than or equal to
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A Fast and Fully Automatic Ear Recognition Approach Based 3D Local Surface Features

Islam, S. M. S., Davies, R., Mian, A. & Bennamoun, M., 2008, In : Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 5259, Part II, p. 1081-1092

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Computer vision
Local Features

A fast control method based on stable manifold information

Hill, D., 2009, In : International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos. 19, 9, p. 3057-2065

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Stable Manifold
Chemical activation
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A Faster Algorithm for Calculating Hypervolume

While, L., Hingston, P., Barone, L. & Huband, S., 2006, In : IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation. 10, 1, p. 29-38

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Fast Algorithm
Exact Algorithms
Evolutionary algorithms
Evolutionary Algorithms