Projects 1995 2021

Catching Capital: Understanding and influencing corporate tax strategy

Krever, R., Eccleston, R., Mikler, J., Murphy-Gregory, H. & Elbra, A.

University of Tasmania


Project: Research

Food security and the governance of local knowledge in India and Indonesia

Blakeney, M., Siddique, K., Acciaioli, G., Antons, C., Cullet, P., Winarto, Y. & Plahe, J.

University of Newcastle


Project: Research

'Smart Casual': Promoting Excellence in Sessional Teaching in Law

Skead, N., Israel, M. A., Heath, M., Hewitt, A., Steel, A. & Galloway, K.

Flinders University


Project: Research

Mining and Water Law Reform for Ghana

Gardner, A., Bulto, T., Ainuson, K. & Manteaw, S.

International Mining for Development Centre


Project: Research

The Australasian Legal Scholarship Library - New Content & Facilities for a World Leading Scholarship

Blakeney, M., Greenleaf, G., Mowbray, A., Chung, P., Kenyon, A., Fitzgerald, B., Twomey, A., Cane, P., Svantesson, D., Freiberg, A., McDonald, L., Rolph, D., Wells, A., Byrnes, A., Grantham, R., Stuhmcke, A. & Chan, J.

University of New South Wales


Project: Research