Spark App - social technology for building and maintaining social support networks of people lending a hand to each other and exchange 'acts of kindness'

  • Lukasz Krzyzowski (Participant)

    Description of impact

    At a fundamental level, Spark is a solution-driven project built on the idea that it’s a mutual exchange of kindness that keeps the world going around and contributes to our sense of belonging as individuals and as a collective. The value of having access to a network of supportive relationships through on-line interaction can hardly be overestimated. The benefits are obvious: the risk of social isolation decreases as individual sense of well-being increases.
    Category of impactHealth and Well being Impact


    • social technology
    • social network analysis
    • social care
    • digital citizenship
    • social support
    • social determinants of health
    • acts of kindness
    • volunteering
    • older people
    • marginal populations
    • LGBTQ
    • Vulnerable
    • co-design
    • Design Thinking
    • Participatory research