Media appearances on climate change

  • Petra Tschakert (Participant)

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    1.5°C Warming and Climate Justice (Real News, 2018); Women and Climate Change (Radio EcoShock, 2017); How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change (Josh Fox, Director, 2016); The ‘Resilient Citizen’ (Sydney Environment Institute, 2016); Livelihoods, Poverty and Climate Risk (Generation Anthropocene, 2016); Enabling Transformation (Les Grands Entretiens, 2015); What’s Wrong with the 2°C Target? (BBC Radio 4, 2015); Vulnerability and Inequality (IPCC AR5 Synthesis Movie and WGII Movie, 2014); Gender and Climate Change (Hypatia, 2014); Geoengineering (MansfieldEthics, 2014); The Human Role in Global Climate Change (Rock Ethics Institute, 2010); Community as Agents & Shapers of Adaptation (Climate Lite, 2009)
    Impact date20092017
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    • climate change