Developing innovative platforms for rapid genetic gain in cool season crop legumes

Description of impact

Our team has developed commercially applied rapid generation platforms for the major cool season legumes. These include chickpea, field pea, lentil, lupin and faba bean. The platforms are routinely used by all major prebreeding and breeding programs Australia wide. They enable rapid introduction of new traits into well adapted genetic backgrounds, including traits from wild species of chickpea to domestic chickpea. This has resulted in improved traits reaching producers up to two years faster than through previous conventional breeding technologies. The IP protected protocol is deployed into the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) portfolio of pulse improvement investments. The impact of just one trait being made available two years earlier in a single species through the utilisation of this platform has been estimated at 6 million dollars at the farmgate. The platform is currently available in five species and has worked across multiple traits including herbicide tolerance and disease resistance.
Impact date20152019
Category of impactEconomic Impacts
Impact levelBenefit