COVID-19 Roadmap to Recovery – A Report for the Nation

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One of 100 contributing academics from the Group of eight who authored a n independet report to advise the Government on the roadmap to recovery from COVID-19. Rather than recommend a single dominant option for pandemic response in Australia, the authors present and explain two options for the nation’s consideration – elimination or controlled adaptation. Any choice between these two options entails a delicate trade-off between protecting health, supporting the economy and societal well-being. This report also focusses on the impact of the virus and short term recovery. The executive summary provides one ethical framework (page 23; two options for the pandemic response (page 26; 58); three requirements for success in recovery regardless of which path is taken (page 13); and six imperatives in the implementation of the recovery plan (page 17).
Impact date4 Dec 2020
Category of impactPublic policy Impacts
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  • COVID-19
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