A WAiS Individualised Contract

Description of impact

In September 2017, Professor Camilla Andersen and the Comic Book Contract team began to work with WA’s Individualised Services Inc (WAiS) who funded a research project to explore how the comic book approach could work in the disability and human services sector to provide access to justice for users.

The team created a sample employment comic contract that supports Western Australians with disabilities who hire their own support workers. The contract uses drawings and pictures to make the contract easier to understand.

The team worked closely with WAiS and through focus group testing, to meet the challenge of producing a visual contract that people with varying types and levels of disabilities could use with confidence. Equally important, the contract had to be easy to understand by workers.

WAiS now offer two visual employment contracts (casual and part time/ full time) as an alternative to text-based contracts based on the WA State Industrial Relation system.
Impact date20172020
Category of impactUnderstanding and Awareness Impact, Economic Impacts, Cultural Impacts, Cultural Impacts
Impact levelBenefit