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Co-founder Xelor Software Inc.

Antonio Cantoni (Participant)

Impact: Economic Impacts

Co-founder TheBuzz Corp

Antonio Cantoni (Participant)

Impact: Economic Impacts

Excellence in Concrete

Farhad Aslani (Participant)

Impact: Other forms of decision making and behavioural change impact

Transport Modelling Review

John Taplin (Participant), Michael Taylor (Participant), Sharon Biermann (Participant), Doina Olaru (Participant)

Impact: Public policy Impacts

APEC SME Business Forum

James Trevelyan (Participant)

Impact: Public policy Impacts

The beauty of symmetry

Cheryl Praeger (Participant)

Impact: Understanding and Awareness Impact

Spiral Welded Steel Tubes

Farhad Aslani (Participant), Yasoja Gunawardena (Participant)


Impact of 'Crosscurrents: Law and Society in a Native Title Claim to Land and Sea' book

Katie Glaskin (Participant)

Impact: Cultural Impacts, Understanding and Awareness Impact, Public policy Impacts