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      CMCA@Perkins Level 3 Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research 6 Verdun St Perth WA 6009


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    The NIF Bioimaging Facility provides access to advanced in vivo micro-CT and multispectral imaging, and the NIF Flagship magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) instrument.
    These systems can image anaesthetised small research animals such as mice and rats non-invasively. Animals can be imaged in real time and cells, protein or bacteria tracked over time, to provide a more biologically relevant understanding of tumour growth, disease progression or mechanisms of drug action.
    Multispectral imaging is used to detect and image fluorescent or bioluminescent light emitted by a gene, protein or cell within an anaesthetised animal. Applications include the study of infectious diseases, oncology, inflammation, toxicology, metabolism, animal development, endocrine disruption and drug development.
    Micro-CT can be used to provide 3D morphological detail of organs or tissue and is used within the musculoskeletal, vascular, oncology, cardiovascular and respiratory research fields.


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