IMS 1280

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      CMCA@Physics, Physics Building, University of Western Australia, 35 Stirling Highway Perth WA 6009


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    The CAMECA IMS 1280 is a versatile member of the latest generation of double focusing, magnetic-sector SIMS instruments.

    The IMS 1280 combines high transmission, high abundance sensitivity and high primary current density to provide unparalleled capability for in situ stable isotope ratio analyses. Five multicollectors allow simultaneous collection of isotopes for elements from Li to U.

    Magnetic peak switching allows analyses such as H isotopes, rare earth elements and Ti-thermometry. Combinations of Faraday Cups and electron multipliers can be tailored to meet the needs of individual analyses.

    Primarily employed as a geochemistry tool, the IMS 1280 can be used in diverse applications in the materials, environmental, biological and forensic sciences.

    Research technique

    • Stable isotope analysis
    • Automated particle analysis
    • Depth profiling


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