10x Chromium Genomics Platform

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      CMCA@Perkins, (M519), Level 3, Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, 6 Verdun St, Perth WA 6009


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    The 10x Genomics Chromium Platform offers a high throughput, microfluidics-based molecular barcoding solution that prepares sequencing libraries for whole genome sequencing, exome sequencing and single cell transcriptomics

    The platform provides software for detailed analysis and visualization of the products, enabling scientists to identify single-nucleotide and structural variants and dynamic gene expression of individual cells

    Auxiliary equipment provided by CMCA; Countess II FL Automated Cell Counter, Veritiā„¢ 96-Well Thermal Cycler, and Rainin pipettes. Researchers must provide their own tips and Genomics reagents.


    Decommission date22/05/23

    Research technique

    • Exome sequencing
    • Single cell transcriptomics


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