Yerrida Basin 3D 'Noddy' geological and foward models



This dataset contains an archive for kinematic 3D geological models of the Yerrida Basin, southern Capricorn region, Western Australia. These models were used to investigate the influence of adding high density material (the mafic Killara Formation) on the calculated gravitational response. is a set of three dimensional 'Noddy' geological models.

1. Yerrida_gravity_response_noKillara.his A model with no Killara Formation.

2. Yerrida_gravity_response-500mKillara.his A model with 500 m thick Killara Formation.

3. Yerrida_gravity_response-2000mKillara.his A model with 2000 m thick Killara Formation.

Corresponding gravity responses (*.grv) files are supplied.

A Noddy executable installation file in Windows format is supplied in this archive or can be downloaded from

This is a companion dataset for the paper submitted to the scientific journal Solid Earth: Mapping undercover: integrated geoscientific interpretation and 3D modelling of a Proterozoic basin. Mark D Lindsay, Sandra Occhipinti, Crystal LaFlamme, Alan Aitken, Lara Ramos.
Date made available14 Jun 2019
Date of data production26 Jan 2015 - 14 Jun 2019

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