World Values Survey, 2005

  • Antoine Bilodeau (Creator)
  • Shaun Wilson (Creator)
  • Rachel Gibson (Creator)
  • Gabrielle Meagher (Creator)
  • David Denemark (Creator)
  • Mark Western (Creator)



The World Values Survey (WVS) series was designed to enable a crossnational, crosscultural comparison of values and norms on a wide variety of topics and to monitor changes in values and attitudes across the globe. This dataset contains the survey data from the Australian component of the fifth wave of the World Values Surveys carried out in 2005. It also includes some Australia specific variables that will not be included in the multi-national integrated data file that will become available through the World Values Survey Association. Broad topics covered in the 2005 survey include perception of life, family, work, traditional values, personal finances, religion and morality, the economy, politics and society, the environment, allocation of resources, contemporary social issues, national identity, and technology and its impact on society. Demographic information includes household income, size of locality, region of residence, occupation of the head of household, and the respondent's age, sex, occupation, education, religion, religiosity, political party, and left-right political self-placement.
Date made available1 Apr 2018
PublisherDataverse (Australian Data Archive, ADA)

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