Wetland Fish Data



General description: This data set contains 5 years of wetland fish data. The data is catch data from 6 oxbow wetlands on the mid-Murray River (Murray-Darling Basin). Sampling was conducted seasonally (spring, summer, autumn) each year from October 2007 to April 2012 using one active gear (seine net) and one passive gear (fyke net).
This data set contains three files: site data, fish data and wetland fish notes.
Site data: contains details of sampling dates and wetland attributes (size and water temperature)
Fish data: contains raw catch data for all sampling dates, for each species and for each sampling method and replicate.
Wetland fish notes: contains a description of the labels used in the above two files and contains GPS locations for each wetland and the river height at which they start receiving water from the river.
For a detailed description of the methods see Beesley L, King A, Amtstaetter F, Koehn J, Gawne B, Nielsen D, Price A, Meredith S (2012) Spatio-temporal variation in the fish communities inhabiting temperate floodplain wetlands: what is the role of watering? Freshwater Biology 57: 2230-2246.
The data included here were used in the manuscript Beesley L, Gwinn DC, Price A, King AJ, Gawne B, Koehn JD and Nielsen DL (2014) Juvenile fish response to wetland inundation: how antecedent conditions can inform environmental flow policies for native fish. Journal of Applied Ecology.
This research was funded by the National Water Commission and the CSIRO Cluster on Ecological Responses to Altered Flow Regimes.
Date made available3 Oct 2014
PublisherCSIRO Publishing
Date of data production10 Oct 2007 - 20 Apr 2012

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