UWA/DPIRD Frost Nursery Trial 2018

  • Nicolas Taylor (Data Manager)
  • Ben Biddulph (Data Manager)
  • Harvey Millar (Data Manager)
  • Nikolaus Callow (Data Collector)
  • Brenton Leske (Creator)



Data from UWA/DPIRD Frost Nursery Trial 2018 including weather data, phenology data, UAV multispectral imaging (NVDI), ~90 protein and ~90 metabolite abundances.
Date made available29 May 2019
PublisherThe University of Western Australia
Temporal coverage15 Feb 2018 - 31 Dec 2018
Geospatial point-32.2006,116.7515


  • Wheat
  • Frost
  • Yield
  • 070399 Crop and Pasture Production not elsewhere classified

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Taylor, N. (Data Manager), Biddulph, B. (Data Manager), Millar, H. (Data Manager), Callow, N. (Data Collector), Leske, B. (Creator)(29 May 2019). UWA/DPIRD Frost Nursery Trial 2018. The University of Western Australia. 10.26182/5cedf001186f3