Transcriptome of multiple herbicide resistant and susceptible Lolium rigidum plants



This dataset presents RNA-sequencing (RNA-Seq) results of multiple herbicide resistant versus susceptible Lolium rigidum plants. The data was generated in a project identifying cytochrome P450 genes involved in metabolic herbicide resistance in L. rigidum. The herbicide resistant (R) L. rigidum population (SLR31) was originally collected from Bordertown, South Australia (S 36°18', E 140°46') exhibiting resistance to many different herbicides. The metabolism-based resistant sub-population was generated by plant vegetative cloning plus target-site ACCase/ALS gene sequencing, and herbicide/P450 inhibitor (malathion) treatments. The purified metabolic resistant plants did not possess resistance ACCase and ALS mutations. The susceptible (S) population (VLR1) is a commercial biotype from Victoria, Australia, which is susceptible to all herbicides used for ryegrass control. F2 populations were generated from pair crosses of the R and S parent plants. This dataset included raw RNA-Seq data of 4 parent R versus 4 parent S and 4 F2 R versus 4 F2 S samples. RNA-Seq was conducted with an Illumina HiSeq High-Output sequencer on PE125 reads.
Date made available2020
Date of data production2016
Geographical coverageThe herbicide resistant population SLR31 was originally collected from Bordertown, South Australia, S 36°18', E 140°46'


  • GRDC
  • Lolium rigidum
  • RNA-sequencing
  • Metabolic herbicide resistance

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